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In the heart of thriving East London’s Columbia Road Flower Market a New Solo Digital Art Exhibition was held at SHIPTON Street Gallery, London, Opening Sunday 7 August, 2016.


Z re-introduces the shapes of London’s muscular male sculptures from an erotic point of view as experienced through Dassa’s own eyes.


In Ancient Greece the male body was considered the ideal subject for sculpture. The tunics and togas in which men dressed left much male flesh exposed. The tradition of male nude sculpture for use in monuments and the beautification of wealthy man’s villas continued into the Roman era. With the rise of Christianity the male nude disappeared, but it became an accepted form of art in the Renaissance and thereafter. The sculptures were convincingly displayed with much detail: the veins on the wrists, the elegant eyelashes, seductive lips, nipples and every curl of their luxuriant hair.

Living in a world of fragmented values it does not seem odd to us that much modern art is disturbingly ugly. Today we do not ask for an art work to be perfect as in Greek time, we desire extreme, to highlight uniqueness, to be daring and provocative. Dassa’s intention with Z is to bring beauty and perfectionism back to the fore.


The exhibition is to include a new video art called ‘The Perfect Moment’;
a collage of videos that collectively create the ‘perfect’ male form. Alongside this, the exhibition also includes a range of digitally manipulated male sculpture photographs.

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Exhibition Z is a direct continuation of Dassa’s previous XY project collaborated with British Photographer Chris Harris. The duo exhibited in November 2015 at LOFT128 in Shoreditch, London and dealt with the exploration of the male form. The main idea was to show the differing artistic approaches, competing models of masculinity, transformation of ideas about body, nature, beauty, values, political dimension of the body, and the breaking of conventions.

Special Thanks: Chris Harris @ Actualfilm.com

Limited Prints are still available to purchase,

for more information please contact: eliaz.dassa@gmail.com