© 2017 Eliaz Dassa


INMORTAL - Digital Art Exhibition

RAW Gallery, Rotterdam, Netherland
11.01.2020 - 29.02.2020
Eliaz Dassa is an Israeli digital artist with a strong grounding in much diverse media, represents his art series "INMORTAL" at RAW Streetphoto Gallery. Dassa moved to England to attend an MA in Graphic Moving Image at the London College Of Communication. Upon his arrival in Europe, Dassa embraced his background, which was pivotal for his intrinsic development. During this process, Dassa dived into the artistic scene of the British capital.

One of his most recent projects is “INMORTAL”, a series that re-introduced the Greek muscular male figure from the forgotten memories of Neoclassicism. Dassa believes that the contemporary visual arts been absent from the abstract modern art. Thus, by using microscopic photography combined with sculpture intentionally searches for the ancient Greek value -beauty, aesthetics, and goodness- also referred to as Kalokagathìa- which were once considered an oath to the human species.