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Did You Notice?

As a progression of my previous research in fragmentation and duplication of buildings and architecture around the city, I am interested in public perception of the London skyline.

I filmed from the Tate Modern Museum balcony to capture its epic panoramic views and began to play around with the footage in post production, duplicating and editing buildings. I wondered if anyone would notice as the city skyline morphs into something new. Who is really watching ?



Bringing Dragons To Life

The story of The City Of London Dragon Boundary Mark. Final project in MA Graphic Moving Image at London College of Communication, London, UK. 2014

Short informative animated film of the origins of The City Of London Dragon Boundary Mark, using original photographs from the past and the present.

The history of The City Of London Dragon Boundary Marks is both a fascinating and surprisingly story, and one which most people are not familiar with. That story is the strength of this project. I was amazed to discover the how little is known about these statues despite searching in libraries, museums and on the internet. As a foreign who live in London I like the idea of being able to promote part of British history.

For more information visit: Bringing Dragons To life.



PRICKIMAGE – Walkabout Projection Collaboration 

Live Video Artist | Creative Direction | WALKABOUT Projection | Interactive Installations